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Quod Scripsi Scripsi


20 years old and still in the super hero stage, still day dreaming of magic, still to be seen in class scribbling anything but notes.

I have a habit of adoring long, in-depth comments and giving them out. I try to reciprocate as much as I can; I am a bit of a procrastinator.

For the most part I utilize my fandoms, which vary, to test the waters. Fanfiction is a fun way to connect, to grow, and to challenge myself; I am no stranger to essays--though at times I wish I was--and am prone to spouting off original pieces that go equally unnoticed. Eventually, I'll find a voice, a comfort zone, a routine for breaking out of said zone, and a better understanding of different styles.

First I have to develop one. For that, I need you, reader, to read, comment, respond, to any nuance, any tweak, any funny quote. Be brutal, be incoherent. It'll help in the end.

At the moment, I'm mostly posting fanfiction from various fandoms, a little poetry, and oodles of small fandom rants. I am an open-minded fangirl and don't squick too easily or defend too blindly.

miri_away was originally meant to be separate from my other journal, but I've decided to kill two birds with one stone; I've been complaining about the lack of archive space for my fics back at vippler.

Critique, comments, welcome.

Gacked from aj_rayne

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