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Watched Fanboys at random one 4am and probably laughed too loudly at too random intervals to be polite. Am no in love with Chris Marquette and, oddly enough, Dan Fogler.

Also, Sam Huntington reminded me of Shy-uh Lebuff in one scene.  o.0. If you ever watch it, cookie if you can spot it.

Guest appearances were awesome and I giggled extra hard.
 Title: Five Times Peter Didn't Want to Jump (but did anyway)
Fanfic (Spiderman)
Rating: Pg13
Summary: But Peter is very tired of being That Guy.

AN:  Peter/Spiderman, for all his banter, wittiness, achievements and cheer, has always struck me as the type of guy who was one nudge away from being the most angst-ridden character in his universe. Maybe because of all of those things. And when an arc agrees with me, it is intense, and then it's business as usual. I was in a strange mood.

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Fic Post! "AKA"

Title: A.K.A
Type: Fanfic (Farscape)
Genre: Gen/sticky fluff
Rating: PG13-ish, for language…sorta.
Summary: John casts her a small smile, though, technically, he has enough energy for a slightly bigger one.
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D is starting a website for artists of all types and asked me to contribute by writing articles every now and then. Here's the first rough draft of the first one.

Critique like my future depends on it!

It's all over the place and probably not all that article-ish, but I did it distractedly and at the last minute on some nights.

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Holly Short

SO, here are two overblown, out-of-focus-because-I-can't-resize-worth-anything-on-LJ pictures of me on Halloween as...you guessed it:

Cpt. Holly ShortCollapse )

The costume came together at the last minute through a series of coincidences. Like woah. The monkey necklace, the spray-on-red, the jump suit, my one piece, everything. My first attempt at cos-play in a town and several parties that had no clue who I was trying to imitate. The shiny tape that I'd written her rank and name on kind of ruins it, but whatever. (The whiteness of the teeth is obviously altered and looks weird, but my cousin had showed me a site that has cool editing things--I tried it out on this one.)

These will be up at my DeviantArt account soon so they'll be copyrighted, but if you plan on using them or whatever just hit me up and I'll send the real, better versions.

Much love,

Fic post! "Nony--Sucks"

Title: Nony--Sucks
Type: Fanfic (DC/AU)
Genre: General/angst
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Every day since Jason left she'd played this game with the underground, and every day since then she'd won.

AN: Dear lawd. I have no clue. Was extremely fun, out of order and context. I love Jason. I love Nony. I love Jason and Nony together and apart. I love Jason and Nony giving Dick a hard time. I love people giving Nony a hard time for being with Jason giving Dick a hard time. Most of all, I really just wanted to write something. The stage was already set and the story was so familiar to me I was like a habit or...a groove. Random moments of a restless clone who has loose association with superheroes.

Nony--sucksCollapse )

Fic post! "Standstill"

Title: Standstill
June '07-April 28, 09
Fanfiction (Fullmetal Alchemist)
He was never really a child, though he sometimes acted like one. Someone waits, muses, and (yes) misses Ed.

I LOVE FMA. It used to be one of the things I could count on. Every morning, around 5 or 4, I would have to be up for my sisters and their school buses. The show would come on. It was so tragic and funny and beautiful and awful. I love Vic's screams as much as I love Wendy's maniacal laughs. I loved the essence of the military and the weight of its facade. I love the gravity. And the music.

Anyway, I was in band rehearsal, writing out my tabs for our first song, and this popped up in the lull. It was wordy and didn't make much sense, though it seemed I was mourning in advance the impending end of a wonderful series. I reworked it this morning. It's possibly even more wordy and nonsensical. I don't know. It was fun. I miss him.

The shorter version hit home. I have no idea where this one landed.

ALSO: My sis says they're going to restart the series! W00t! Now I just have to wait for it to come out in English, then I have to wait for them to dub it. See ya in a few years Ed!

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Thanks, yet again, to Dice for feeding me fandom information.

The Dragonball: Evolution movie trailer.

We had a squee fest last night, thinking back on the series. We forgot several names and certain plot points were marred by fanfiction events on my part, possibly, but for the most part we love the series (more so DBZ than the other two) and are afraid for the movie. But, like I said, I'm going to be POSITIVE, even though Piccolo is strange looking, Goku doesn't look like Goku at all, they're young, and  the girl with the pony really is Bulma and not Chi-Chi (because she would make a great Chi-Chi) and there is NO KRILLIN. WHY? I don't know why KRILLIN IS MISSING IN THIS!!!!!!

One thing I can squee about without a doubt is Roshi. I was just thinking of Chow Yun Fat in a Hawaiian shirt, old and rauncy, crouching around being cooky is amazing.

DBZ was the anime that got me into anime, despite its several tedious, drawn-out plots. Also, Future Trunks rocks. Period. I loved him, crushed on him, felt awful for him. Dice tells me there are a few essays on how much Vegeta is disappointed in his Trunks for never reaching Future Trunks' potential, which isn't really fair as they were raised in two different enviorments. Future Trunks is almost always mixed in with Linkin Park songs. I still love them.


He also read me bits of this article I supposedly sent him a while ago. It pokes at fanfics in general, mostly its writers...who are "mostly all girls".

He assures me it's the kind of funny that's irritating because it's true. I haven't read it yet and probably won't for a while because I've filled my ranting quota on fanfics for a whole week already.

Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls.


He told me about a Cartoon Network RPG, Fusion Fall. The only part of this I was really interested in was the fact that several characters are in it...grown up. Teenagers.


I remember that show. I also remember seeing him in a movie with several versions of himself at different ages, and his semi-teen self was lanky and weak. However, Dice assured me that this Dex was kind of cool looking, for the split second you see him.

The Power Puff Girls were there too, around the age of 14-ish, which lessened the freak factor somewhat. I've read stories.... Anyway, the only thing that is odd about this is they have fingers this time. He thinks. I didn't see them. That is so weird.

The Ed's are in it too, but I only saw a chibi of one of them.


Revamps are cool, though, but I don't think I'll be into games for a while. I used to but that made my thumbs sore, and I never could get into the computer ones. Except maybe Tomb Raider.

Fic post! "Ragged remains"

Title:  ragged remains

Type: Fanfic (Artemis Fowl)
Genre: General, angst?
Rating: PG
Summary: There were so many questions. Mrs. Fowl waits for her son to explain.

AN: I finished it. I miss them. I could go on and on about the series, for days, but this is about the little story I wrote a few hours after. Remember, I had spoiled myself by re-entering the fandom without reading the last two, three books, so hints were not gentle and the things I learned were out of context at times. This, however, did not spoil my readings at all. This story, though, never seems finished, but I just felt like posting something. The quote is something I made up on the spot after reading the last few scenes and the ending of this is awful. Feedback welcomed!


ragged remainsCollapse )


Feel better now.

I need to clean this place up. For real. I stopped actually writing a while ago and just started yelling about things going wrong. This is going to be a positive year, no matter how much worse Tim gets or how many times they make fun of Snape, or how many movies come out that are based on something I love, or whatever it was I was so adament about yelling about.


Oh, my tags. UGH.

And the stuff here, it's not even the good stuff. I should type. This time, I mean it. Major overhaul.

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